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How can you facilitate demos for your themes & plugins to your customers?

With InstaWP, you can give your customers a completely functional WordPress site that is pre-configured with your theme or plugin, allowing them to test its features, customization possibilities, and performance in real-time.

In this guide, we will explore how to set up a product demo using InstaWP.

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Step 1 - Create a New Site

Create a new site that serves as the foundation for your product demo. Refer to Create site document for more information.

Step 2 - Setting up the Product Demo

Once the site is created, you can easily prepare your product demo by installing your plugin/theme with a customized landing page or adding engaging demo content. Refer to the Edit staging site document for more information.

Step 3 - Save your Site as a Shared Template

Once the site is all set up, you need to save it as a shared template, which will allow your potential customers to create more identical sites from it. Refer to the Create shared template document for more information.

Step 4 - Customize Template

After saving the site as a shared template, you can customize the look and feel of your template landing page from the following options:

Template Setup
Sharing Options

Template Setup

Edit your shared template setup and add a gallery that will be displayed on your shared template, allowing visitors to see multiple images about your website at once. Refer to the Edit setup and Branding document for more information.

Sharing Options

Personalize your template by including a logo, gallery, or custom CSS to help customers learn more about your website's brand, identity, and how your brand should be represented. Refer to the Branding and Sharing options document for more information.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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