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How to Migrate a Site from one Hosting Provider to another?

InstaWP simplifies WordPress site migration between hosting providers by seamlessly transferring files, databases, and settings via URLs. This process ensures a smooth transition to a new hosting server without downtime using the WordPress migration tool. It's ideal for those looking to switch web hosts or migrate hosting providers, offering a reliable solution for website backup and transfer.

In this guide, we will explore the steps to migrate a WP site from one hosting to another directly via their URLs.

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Note: The user needs to create a blank WordPress site (i.e., without any plugins or themes installed in it) to serve as a destination site, which can be on the InstaWP Live platform too.

Migrate an InstaWP staging site as a source site to another hosting’s WP site as a destination site via URLs using the WordPress Migration tool.

Step 1: Copy the Site URL

Copy the URL of the existing WordPress site that will be used as the source site for migration.

Step 2: Open the InstaWP Migrate

Click here to open the InstaWP Live Migrate plug an alternative and easy way to move your website from one hosting provider to another.

Step 3: Connect the Source Site

Paste the copied URL of the source site (i.e. existing WP site) you want to migrate and approve the connection.

Step 4: Connect the Destination Site & Migrate

Paste the copied URL of the destination site (i.e. blank WP site) where you want to migrate, then approve the connection and start the migration.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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