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InstaWP allows you to create a new WordPress site which gives the benefit of testing different configurations and settings without affecting the live website. It operates in a safe environment where users can experiment with different themes, plugins, and codes without any risk of breaking the live website.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

Create New Site
Access WP Admin Panel

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Create New Site

You can create a new staging site where you can test changes, updates, or new features to your WordPress website without affecting the live site.

From Scratch

You can build your WordPress site from scratch by choosing configurations as described in the table below:

Your ConfigurationIt is the default WordPress configuration (pre-selected). You can also customize your configuration, refer to this doc.
Curated ConfigurationTo choose from the admin’s predefined configuration which automatically set PHP & WordPress versions, some of them are: ⚙️Multisite, ⚙️Woocommerce, ⚙️Devstack.
Themes/Plugin CategoriesIt allows you to select themes and plugins from the available categories: ⚙️Popular, ⚙️Security, ⚙️SEO, ⚙️Social Media, ⚙️Speed, ⚙️Forms, ⚙️Backups, ⚙️Page Builder, ⚙️Marketing, ⚙️Utility, ⚙️eCommerce.

From the bottom panel, you can configure the following values for your website as per your preferences:

WordPress versionTo select different versions of WordPress for your site ranging from 3.7 (min.) to Nightly (max.)
PHP versionTo select different PHP versions for your site ranging from 5.6 (min.) to 8.3 (max.). Only in paid plans.
Server LocationTo change the server location. Only in paid plans.
Custom site nameTo add a custom name for your WordPress site. Only in paid plans.
Reserved SiteTo reserve the site as it will not expire and will stay in your account forever (unless manually deleted). Only in paid plans.

From Template

You can build your WordPress site by using templates. Templates are your formerly built WordPress websites which are saved as templates to be used again.

Note: If the user does not find any templates, they will need to create one first and then find it here. For more information, you can refer to the Template documentation.

Note: The WordPress version cannot be changed while creating a website from a template because it was already defined when the template was created. Rest of the values can be configured such as PHP version 5.6 (min.) to 8.3 (max.), Server Location, Custom site name & Reserve Site in paid plans only. View Pricing here. If you are not logged in, use this link to view pricing.


You can build your WordPress site by using the publicly monetized templates that are available in the store. For more information, please refer to the Monetize Shared Templates document.

Note: In your InstaWP account, "Staging Sites" will count as a limit for all kind of active sites, including template sites.

Access WP Admin Panel

When the WordPress site is created, you can access the WP admin panel and manage everything on your website you would like to. There are two ways to access the Admin Panel:

Auto Login
Manual Login

Auto Login

From Magic Login button you can automatically log in to the WordPress admin panel without using credentials.

Manual Login

From View Creds option you can also do a manual login (using credentials) to the WP admin panel of your website.

💡 Did you know - You can create template that saves the current files and database snapshots of your active staging site. Learn about Creating template.

Updated on: 09/07/2024

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