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Create Shared Template

InstaWP allows you to create and develop templates that can also be shared publicly on the internet with anyone, allowing other users to build their WordPress site using your template. It enables them to significantly improve the design and functioning of their website.

In this documentation, we will explore:

Creating Shared Template
Template Landing Page

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Creating Shared Template

InstaWP allows you to create a new shared template through any of the following two methods:

Method 1

Go to the Templates page and click on the "Add New" option to create new template.

You will be prompted to save the template by filling out the following fields:

Template NameName of the template
DescriptionDescription of the template
Template TypeSelect Shared template that can be shared online with a URL.
Instant TemplateWhen you create a new site from the template, it takes about 5-7 secs of time, selecting this option will instantly create a new site. Only available for premium accounts.

Method 2

Go to the Staging page and follow the steps as demonstrated in “Method 2” for creating a template. For more information please refer to the Create Template document.

Note: If a template based on this site already exists, you will find "Save As New" or "Overwrite Existing" radio buttons on the top. To test, you can create a new template from the same site from the site page.

Note: Once you've created your template, you can delete the parent site from which you choose to generate it.

Template Landing Page

InstaWP gives you access to the Template Landing Page, which is visible to people who have shared your template link. Anyone with internet access can visit this link.

This entire page displays your shared template details (logo, appearance, sending credentials to email or not, privacy policy, etc.) that can be customized. For more information, please refer to the Shared Template: Branding & Advance Options document.

💡 Did you know - From shared template any guest user (even without InstaWP account) can create website via APIs. Learn about create site using APIs.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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