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Once a shared template is created in InstaWP, you can customize your template by adding the logo, gallery, or custom CSS, to assist people in learning more about your website’s brand, brand identity, and how your brand should be portrayed.

In this documentation, we will explore:

Navigation to Template Options
Shared Template Branding

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Navigation to Template Options

Step 1: Sign In to your InstaWP account and you will navigate to its dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Templates button from the top navigation bar.

You will navigate to the shared templates page.

Step 3: Click on the Edit icon corresponding to the template for which you want to access the Template options.

This will take you to the built-in Template Options Page.

Step 4: Select the Branding option from the left menu of the interface.

Shared Template Branding

InstaWP allows you to set up your shared template by personalizing the following available features on the Template Options Page:

Customize Email
Customize Privacy Policy
Custom CSS
Custom Color

Logos are small images that appear next to the title of a template symbolizing your brand. InstaWP allows you to upload a logo image (png, jpg, jpeg, or svg) for your shared template from your local storage, by clicking on the Choose file as shown below.

Customize Email

Customize the email we send to your users when they first create a new template site. InstaWP allows you to edit the default Email’s Subject and its body text as shown below.

Customize Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement that describes how a website collects, uses, and manages the personal data of consumers. InstaWP allows you to customize the default policy text on the landing page. For example, you can mention what type of information you collect.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS helps customize the design and appearance of your site such as font size, or layout. InstaWP allows you to add custom CSS on your shared template as shown below.

Custom Color

Custom Colors are pre-set color palettes that can be utilized in website design. InstaWP allows you to choose colors to create style and appeal of your shared template under the following categories:

PrimaryTo choose color as the background color of the shared template.
SecondaryTo choose color as the logo or brand color of the shared template.

Once you're done with making changes to the colors, click on the Save button from the bottom right corner of the interface.

Then, you will see a success message on your screen.

InstaWP allows you to add a gallery that get displayed on your shared template as they lets viewers to see multiple images about your website at once. For example, you can add pictures of faucets for your plumbing website as a template.

Select the Gallery option from the left menu of the interface.

You can add images from your local storage, by click on the Upload here button as shown below.

This will add like a cover image for your shared template on landing page as shown below.

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Updated on: 22/02/2024

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