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How to Sell Pre-made Templates Combined with Hosting a.k.a WaaS?

Unlock the power of InstaWP's Website as a Service (WaaS) for effortlessly offering pre-built templates and hosting services to your customers. Simplify website creation with pre-made designs and seamless hosting integration, resulting in recurring revenue for your agency. Start selling WaaS today and assist your clients to easily design their ideal websites.

In this guide, we will explore the steps of how to sell WaaS.

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Step 1: Setup Payout Account

InstaWP enables you to become a seller by setting up a payout account with Stripe Express, allowing you to sell WaaS to potential customers.

You can gain access to your WaaS as a shareable link that you can copy, generate, and offer to your clients or potential customers.

Step 3: View WaaS Landing Page

After accessing the WaaS shareable link, the users can create their site using WaaS, which offers ready-made templates combined with a hosting service.

Note: Some options can only be available on your landing page when they are enabled while creating WaaS, such as asking for payment at the beginning or skipping steps for choosing a single template or hosting plan. For more information, refer to the Create WaaS document.

Note: If the user wants their customers to generate one-time use checkout links. They can use the Webhook URL for provisioning WaaS links to set up a new website for their customers via email. For more information, refer to the WaaS integration document.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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