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WaaS Integrations

Integration with WooCommerce and SureCart

Integration for WooCommerce and SureCart is now available via this plugin. Videos for setting up the integration is provided in the Github Repository itself.

Integration with WHMCS

Integration with WHMCS is also available. You can download it here.


It lets you enable operations like WaaS custom checkout for SureCart, making it easier to manage your website and keep it running smoothly.
You can also use following way to generate unique links to a WaaS, which gives access to any user to create a WaaS site for only time. In other words, it is a one time use only link, which expires in 7 days.

To generate the webhook follow these steps:

Open the Webhook modal as show above.
Copy the Webhook URL.
You can now call the Webhook via Zapier or programatically.

Here is an example:
curl ''

How WaaS Webhook works:

Note: API always need InstaWP API token from admin user.

WaaS request sent by "GET" method and "Bearer Token" API type.

Method: GET

When user buying WaaS using SureCart or so, it will generate the following Links which include WaaS slug, UUID and hash.

Unique link for creating new WaaS with prefilled Name & Email.

Method: POST
Required Body: email,name

Cancel WaaS subscription link for cancelling the plan.

Method: DELETE

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Updated on: 27/05/2024

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