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InstaWP Connect Plugin

Plugins are code packages that enhance a WordPress website's capabilities and functions. Using this Connect native plugin, you can link your current WordPress production sites from anywhere on the internet to your InstaWP account.

After connecting your existing live site, you can create 1-click staging websites from the WP admin panel, which allows you to create a duplicate website that you can use for development, testing, and design changes within seconds.

In this documentation, we will give you an overview of InstaWP Connect as its native plugin.


Auto-login to the WP Admin panel of your production (live) site and then add the InstaWP Connect plugin from the Plugin section. For more information, Add connect plugin to site document.


The InstaWP Connect plugin has a number of features that let you expand or add to current functionality on your website, such as the following:

Create stagingTo create sites and host it on your InstaWP’s cloud servers.
MigrateTo easily connect with any hosting provider to migrate your website.
HeartbeatTo update your website's heartbeat settings by enabling/disabling it which will automatically disconnect the site from the InstaWP dashboard after 1 hour.
Remote Management (Beta)To update your website's remote management settings. This allows the creation of remote followings on the live site remotely using REST API. File Manager, Database Manager, Install plugins/themes.
2-way syncTo push the changes from staging to live and vice-versa.

The InstaWP Connect plugin's other functional settings before generating staging sites are as follows:

Backup Parts SizeThis will set the size of the backup part. Default - 20 MB.
Maximum Allowed File SizeThis will set the maximum allowed file size. Default - 50 MB.
Database MethodThe WPDB option has better compatibility but is slower. It is recommended to choose PDO if the pdo_mysql extension is installed.
Plugin Reset TypeThe reset option such as Soft reset and hard reset will remove everything including the API key.
Default UserThis will set the default user for events syncing.

For more information InstaWP connect plugin, you can visit this link (It helps you manage your website remotely via a simple plugin installation).

💡 Did you know - You can create new WordPress instance (and destroy them, optionally) with InstaWP connect plugin installed, when creating a new Pull Request (PR) on your GitHub repository. Learn about Github actions.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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