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Create Staging Site

Once you have connected to your existing live site, InstaWP allows you to create 1-click staging websites from within the WP admin panel. A staging site is an exact copy of your live site hosted in a secure environment. This allows you to test as many changes as possible without affecting your live website.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to create a staging site from the existing live site.

Let’s get started 🚀

Note: For creating a staging site, you need to add an InstaWP connect plugin to your Live site. You can refer to the Add Connect Plugin to Site document for more information.

Following that, you can proceed with the below steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Plugins section of your connected site’s WP panel.

Step 2: Click on the Create Staging button from your added plugin (InstaWP Connect). To download the plugin, you can refer to this link.

This will take you to the main screen for creating a staging site.
Step 3: Click on the Create Staging Site button to get started.

For creating staging, you need to select the following types of staging according to your preferences.

Quick StagingCreate a staging environment without including a media folder.
Full StagingCreate an exact copy as a staging environment. Time may vary based on site size.
Custom StagingChoose the options that match your requirements.

Step 4: After selecting the type of staging, click on the Next Step button.

A Customize options dialog will appear, asking you to select your information from the available options such as Active plugins, themes or skip media folder, etc.

Step 5: After selecting the options, click on the Next Step button.

A Exclude files & table dialog will appear, where you can eliminate the files or tables of your WordPress site.

Step 6: After excluding according to your preferences, click on the Next Step button.

A confirmation dialog will appear, validating your selections.

Step 7: Click on the Create Staging button.

Then, the staging site will be created from your existing live site alongside with website URL and your login credentials.

💡 Did you know - You can generate a exact copy of your existing staging website with the same credentials from your dashboard. Learn how to Clone a site.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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