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GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a popular continuous integration and delivery platform for automating your build, test, and deployment workflow. InstaWP allows you to auto-create new instances (and destroy them, optionally) when creating a new Pull Request (PR) on your GitHub repository.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

Prerequisites Setup
Configure Advanced Options
Perform Github Actions

Let’s get started 🚀

Prerequisites Setup

Step 1: Create a new staging site.

Step 2: Save the site as a private template.

Step 3: Go to Deployment, enter the details of the WordPress plugin/theme repository.

Note: If the user's Git repository is private, they must copy the SSH repository URL from Git and paste it into InstaWP. Then, copy the SSH Key Pair from InstaWP and paste into their Git repository deploy keys.

Configure Advanced Options

Step 1: Go to Templates, connect the Git repository to the template and paste this Yaml file into the repository.

Note: The new user needs to create a new file path (.github/workflows/.yml) for the Actions yml file onto their Git repository.

Step 2: Generate and add an API token to Git repository.

Perform Github Actions

Step 1: Once advanced options are configured, select the repository file and make changes to it.

Step 2: Create a new branch and start a pull request. A new WordPress site will be created with the PR content.

💡 Did you know - On creating API token you can access the API via Postman, GitHub Actions. Learn about API tokens.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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