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InstaWP allows you to filter your staging sites according to the added tags, team members, and number of active sites. This layout ensures you can quickly find and manage relevant data, streamlining the user experience and boosting productivity.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to filter the staging sites via:


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Access Filter Option

Go to the Staging Sites page and click on the filter icon to access the filter option.


Filter your staging sites via tags that you added, ensuring that you choose the ones that best meet your project's needs.

Note: The user can also search and select multiple tags and users to filter their staging sites.


Filter your staging sites via users (team members) that you added, ensuring team members have appropriate access levels. For more information about adding team members, refer to this document.


Here, you can select the following options that are available to filter your staging sites.

TypeSelect all sites or active sites only.
Number of sitesSelect 10 sites or 20 sites.

You can also clear all your selected tags, users, or settings filters that you applied to your sites.

Updated on: 09/07/2024

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