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Add Team Member

In InstaWP, team members are essential contributors who collaborate within your organization on this platform. They function collectively as a group to achieve various objectives such as streamlining your organization's operations and enhancing efficiency, InstaWP provides the feature of assigning specific roles and responsibilities to these team members.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

Add a new Team Member
Manage a Team Member

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Note: Only agency plan will allow their users to access five team members. View Pricing here. If you are not logged in, use this link to view pricing. To add more members to your team as an add-on, refer to the Plan Add-ons document.

Add a new Team Member

Let's use the demonstration below to add a new team member.

Assign the role of the team member from the following:

AdminCan invite team members, view & delete team sites, add & edit integrations.
ManagerCan view team sites, and only edit & delete own sites.
MemberCan create new sites, can only view & delete own sites.

Note: The users can invite their members as either a team member or an administrator, where a team member has access to the websites they created and an administrator has access to all of the team's websites.

Manage a Team Member

InstaWP allows you to manage your team members, by changing their assigned roles, and deleting them.
Let's use the demonstration below to change a assigned role of a team member.

Let's use the demonstration below to remove a team member.

💡 Did you know - From increasing the number of team members as an plan add-on, you can go to any paid plan to gain access or purchase the plan Add-ons of your choice. Learn about Plan add-ons.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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