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Manual Migration via SSH

If our Automated Migration Tool is slow or not working or you have a large website with lot of files and large database, your best bet is to transfer the website using SSH method.


Make sure you have SSH login details of both source and destination websites.
This guide also assumes that you have a blank WordPress site at the destination website.

At The Source

We need following commands to be working at the source website's server:

- wp (WP-CLI client)
- scp (to transfer files)
- tar and zip commands (for compression)
- mysqldump (used by WP CLI to dump database)

All of the above are standard linux utilities.

Login via SSH to the source website:


Lets backup the entire WordPress folder, excluding the wp-config.php file. This has been done to avoid any wp-config.php related issues in the destination website.

Note: This command assumes that you are in the WordPress folder.

# Change to the root of your WordPress folder
cd public_html
tar --exclude='wp-config.php' -czf wordpress_files.tar.gz -C "$(pwd)" .

Then export the database and zip (or tar) the files.

# Export DB
wp db export wordpress_db_backup.sql
# Tar (zip) the db .sql file
zip wordpress_db_backup.sql
rm wordpress_db_backup.sql

It is time to transfer these files & db backup to the destination website's server.

Replace the <dest_ssh_user> (including the angle brackets) with the destination's SSH username and <dest_ssh_host> with destination's SSH host (IP or Hostname).

If you have a SSH key based authentication, it will simply work, but you may have to generate a key pair and copy them in the source server
OR, if you have SSH password baed authentication, just enter the password.

scp wordpress_files.tar.gz <dest_user>@<dest_ssh_host>:/tmp/


rm wordpress_files.tar.gz

At The Destination

Login to the SSH via terminal and verify that the files are indeed arrived in /tmp folder

cd public_html
ls /tmp

Extract the files and db files.

tar -xzf /tmp/wordpress_files.tar.gz -C "$(pwd)"
unzip -o /tmp/ -d /tmp/

Import database

wp db import /tmp/wordpress_db_backup.sql

Verify the files were extracted successfully

wp core verify-checksums 
wp cli cache clear

If you are changing domain during migration, say from to, then run the following command, otherwise it is not required:

Replace OLD_DOMAIN and NEW_DOMAIN properly in these commands.

wp search-replace "OLD_DOMAIN" "NEW_DOMAIN" --all-tables
wp option update home "https://NEW_DOMAIN"
wp option update siteurl "https://NEW_DOMAIN"

Flush caches

wp cache flush
wp rewrite flush


rm /tmp/ /tmp/wordpress_db_backup.sql /tmp/wordpress_files.tar.gz

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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