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Manage WaaS

Once you have created a WaaS, InstaWP allows you to manage your WaaS by modifying your WaaS settings, hosting settings, or its branding, checking statistics of active sites made by other users, and previewing your built WaaS as it appears to other users.

In this documentation, we will explore:

Navigate to WaaS Actions
Manage a WaaS

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Navigate to WaaS Actions

Step 1: To access the dashboard, sign in to your InstaWP account.

Step 2: Click on the WaaS button from the top navigation bar.

You will navigate to the WaaS page.

Manage a WaaS

InstaWP allows you to manage your created WaaS by the following actions:

Edit WaaS
View Statistics
Preview WaaS
Copy WaaS Link
Delete WaaS

Edit WaaS

This allows you to edit your WaaS by modifying your WaaS settings, hosting settings, and branding such as logo, color, or background image.

View Statistics

This allows you to display your WaaS statistics such as the user’s mail address, created site, and your selected hosting site, plans, etc.

Preview WaaS

This enables you to preview your created WaaS, allowing other users to build a sample site hosted in InstaWP from your monetized template as per the steps shown in the table below:

Choose a templateIt allows the users to select a template from your WaaS.
Choose a hosting packageIt allows the users to select a hosting plan from your WaaS.
Enter your informationIt allows the users to enter their personal information such as name & email address.
ConfirmIt allows the users to confirm the above entered details.
Setting up your siteThis will start creating their new site from your WaaS.

For more information, you can refer to the Creating a WaaS document.

This allows you to copy the WaaS shareable link that you can share with your customers and other users to create their own sites with the provided hosted plan.

Delete WaaS

This allows you to delete your WaaS permanently when not in use anymore or if it contains outdated information.

Create Shared Template
Edit Branding

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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