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WaaS Pricing

WaaS is a website as a service feature offered by InstaWP. The final pricing depends on how you have used WaaS. If you don't know how to setup a WaaS check this tutorial: Create WaaS

We can help you setup WaaS within few days, fill this form so that we can understand your requirements better.

To use WaaS you need to be on any of our paid plans.

WaaS Pricing

The following pricing is based on the total number of active sites you have created via the WaaS feature.

Upto 100 Sites$1 / active site
101 - 500 Sites0.95 / active site
501 - 1000 Sites0.80 / active site
1000+ Sites0.75 / active site

You can track your WaaS usage here.

Hosting Costs

If you have connected a third party service like Runcloud, ServerAvatar - you manage the pricing for your services. However, if you have use InstaWP Live (powered by, following will be applicable:

InstaWP Live Pricing

InstaWP Live comes with WAF, CDN, DDoS protection in-built with multiple pops around the world. You can read more here

You can track your InstaWP Live usage here

Our whitelabel WordPress support is bundled to your WaaS customers in this pricing.

Whitelabel support

You can opt for whitelabel support for your customers as an opt-in. Pricing for which is based on number of tickets. Contact us for more info.

Payment Gateway

If you want to use your own payment gateway, then you need to mark the template & the hosting plans as FREE. If you mark any of them as paid, you will need to register as a Seller

Our commissions are 10% on every template or hosting sale (yes, recurring).

Again, you are not required to use our payment infra, you can use your checkout too (WooCommerce and SureCart integration is now available).

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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