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Manage Connected Site

Once your site is connected to the live site, you can manage your newly connected site by carrying out various actions such as installing new plugins or themes, using file manager, InstaWP DB editor, viewing debug logs, and more.

In this documentation, we will explore:

Navigation to Connected Sites
Manage Connected Site

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Navigation to Connected sites

Let's use the demonstration below to navigate to the connected sites page.

Note: The user can also view and manage their connected sites from the dashboard “Connected Sites” section.

Manage Connected Site

InstaWP allows you to manage your connected sites from the following options:

Purge Cache
Install Plugin
File Manager
DB Editor
View Logs

Purge Cache

You can choose the Purge cache option to free up server resources, making your connected site function faster and more efficiently, particularly in terms of a site's Time to First Byte (TTFB), by serving pages and static cache directly from the closest server available to visitors.


Once you are connected to your live site, you can disconnect your site anytime.

Install Plugin

You can install plugins or themes by entering their slugs or .zip URLs which can be available from the WordPress plugins & themes.

Note: We currently support the following tested plugins and themes, which will work. Other plugins and themes can also be integrated, though they are not tested.
⚙️Plugins: WooCommerce, Bricks Builder & Elementor.
⚙️Themes (Customizer Settings): Astra, Hello Elementor, Twenty Twenty-Four, Twenty Twenty-Three, Twenty Twenty-Two, Twenty Twenty-One & Twenty Twenty.

Let's use the demonstration below to install a new plugin.

File Manager

You can edit, delete, upload, download, zip, copy, and paste files and folders directly from the WordPress backend.

Note: If the user is not able to use File Manager or DB editor on their connected sites, they need to enable that option from the Remote Management Setting page (WP Admin panel > Tools > InstaWP > Manage settings.)

DB Editor

You can view and manage your database that stores, retrieve, and display all the content that you create on your connected site.

View Logs

You can view your debug logs related to your connected site.

Bulk Actions

InstaWP allows you to perform bulk actions such as updating or removing plugins and themes installed on your connected sites, including the InstaWP connect plugin and the twentytwentyfour theme.

Note: The user cannot select inactive sites for bulk actions, the sites need to be connected to the live site.

Let's use the demonstration below to update a theme on selected sites.

Let's use the demonstration below to remove a theme on selected sites.

💡 Did you know - You can also manage your newly created live hosted site which is connected and hosted on InstaWP Live or external hosting providers. Learn more about manage connected hosting.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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