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Live Site Tools

InstaWP allows you to use additional Live Site tools to track website activity, helping you to improve performance and resolve issues. You can access error logs and server activity. Cloning lets you create a copy for editing, and the DB Editor enables you to manage databases.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to manage a Live-hosted site by configuring the following options.

View Logs
DB Editor

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Access Live Site Tools

Go to the Hosting page and locate the live site for which you want to access its tools.

View Logs

Here, you can view different logs related to your InstaWP live-hosted site as follows:

Types of LogsDescription
Error logsErrors such as PHP warnings indicate that the scandir() function encountered an issue because it couldn't find the specified directory.
Access logsShows web server logs that clients may use to provide insights to their users and support team. These log entries contain information regarding a request sent to a server, such as the client, the request, and the server's response.


Here, you can clone your InstaWP live-hosted site by creating a replica of your existing one with all the design, file system, and database.

DB Editor

Here, you can access and manage your InstaWP Live-hosted site database using phpMyAdmin, which provides a web interface for managing MySQL databases.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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