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Create Live Hosted Site

InstaWP Live is a service where users can create a fully functional WordPress website ready for live traffic. This means that InstaWP not only creates websites, but also provides high-performance back-end code and specially configured servers for your website, speeding the development process and ensuring that the site is ready for public access.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to create an InstaWP Live hosted site.

Let’s get started πŸš€

Sign in to your InstaWP account to access the dashboard and click on the Hosting button from the top navigation bar.

The pricing plan page will appear. Select a Pricing plan based on your preferences, and can optionally use the Pricing Calculator to minimise pricing on purchasing more sites. For more information, visit here.

After selecting your preferred pricing plan, click on the Next Step button. Configure website settings by defining the values (as described in the table below).

Data centerThis allows you to select different data centers from Burbank, Washington, Dallas (US) & Amsterdam (NL).
PHP versionThis shows the current PHP version of your website, you can also change it according to your preference.
Domain nameEnter your new Domain name.

If you have purchased our Whitelabel addon, you can use the domain such as from this screen.

Step 7: A modal window for Plugins & Themes will appear, allowing you to select themes and plugins from the available categories:

β†’ Popular
β†’ Security
β†’ SEO
β†’ Social Media
β†’ Speed
β†’ Forms
β†’ Backups
β†’ Page Builders
β†’ Marketing
β†’ Utility

After selecting plugins & themes according to your preferences, click the Go Live button.

Note: This WordPress live site will have the InstaWP Connect plugin installed, allowing you to auto-login the WP Admin panel or create staging sites and host them on your InstaWP cloud servers. For more information, refer to this document.

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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