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Creating an account on InstaWP is a simple signing-up process that opens a gateway to a WordPress development environment allowing you to create highly optimized WordPress sites or templates, set up demos of plugins or themes, and much more under the same roof.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

Create a New Account
Signin to your InstaWP Account

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Create a New Account

Visit and you will navigate to the InstaWP onboarding page.

Then you can follow the steps mentioned in the “As a Guest User” section of the Create Site document.

Signin to your InstaWP Account

Step 1: Navigate to the sign-in page, by clicking on the Log In button alongside the Sign up option.

Step 2: Enter the email and password and click on the Sign in button.

Alternatively, you can also sign in using third-party applications including Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

View & Update Profile
View & Change Subscription

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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