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Pricing Page Explained

Basic Options

Active SitesSites presently active in your InstaWP dashboard – the sum of sites that are either temporary or permanent
Reserve SitesIf the plan allows you to reserve a site i.e mark a site as permanent, all our paid plans allow ALL sites to marked as permanent
SpaceThe total storage space allotted to a user's account, shared to all teams and members in the same account.
Site ExpiryA temporary site's lifetime for your plan (in days). Premium users have permanent sites as well as an option to restore sites.
Save VersionsA saved version of your site at a particular instance in time. You can restore it, download it as a file, or download its database.

Advanced Options

Git Operations (/mo)The number of Git actions or commits allowed for a user account or team per month.
Map DomainYour custom domain can be used for a site created in InstaWP
FTP AccessAccess your WordPress site via FTP credentials
Adv ConfigurationsClub WordPress, PHP, and Faker settings as configurations and use them for the sites you create in InstaWP.
SSH AccessConfigure SSH for your site and start using an SSH key for its added security
Clone SitesOption to create a duplicate of your existing InstaWP site in the dashboard in one click.
Advance DeploymentsAdd your private/public Git repositories to your InstaWP dashboard and specify the post-deployment commands.
API QuotaThe number of requests allowed per user/team
Run CommandsUse commands from the InstaWP command library or create your own commands to execute them for bulk operations via CLI.


Template SitesThe number of private and shared templates allowed for your plan.
BrandingThe option to add brand elements, e.g. color, logo, privacy policy link/details, CSS, and email for each of your templates.
Advance TemplatesOptions to customize lifetime, email collection settings, redirections, cloning, webhook, email provider and post-creation commands for your templates.
Export Sites as CSVThe option to download/export your InstaWP templates as CSV files.


Create TeamThe option to create your own team that can collaborate on your ongoing WordPress projects.
Team MembersThe number of team members you can add as admins (can view all sites) or members (can view their own sites) .

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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