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Staging Features

Staging SitesSites presently active in your InstaWP account – the sum of staging or template sites that are either temporary or permanent.
Custom DomainMap your custom domain to any staging site can be used for a site created in InstaWP.
FTP AccessAccess your WordPress site's files & folders via SFTP credentials.
SSH AccessConfigure SSH for your site and start using an SSH key for its added security.
Disk SpaceThe total storage space allotted to a user's account, shared to all teams and members in the same account.
VersionsA saved version of your site at a particular instance in time. You can restore it, download it as a file, or download its database.
MigrationsNumber of migrations from and to InstaWP staging per month.
Server LocationChanges the server location from US, UK, DE, and CA. Build sites with extra speed by nearest location.

Template Features

TemplatesThe number of private and shared templates allowed for your plans.
Share TemplatesAbility to share a template by sending a link to client for creating site.
Instant TemplateCreate instantly new site from the template.

Connect Features

Basic Connected SitesConnect unlimited live websites by installing the connect plugin.
Sync EventsThe number of Syncs can be done per month.

Hosting Features

InstaWP Live CreditsPremium users gets InstaWP Live sites credits in Dollars under different paid plans which gets reduced from their bill every month.
Use External HostingLink external hosting from our support providers to use in Go live or WaaS feature.

Monetize Features

Build WaaSSell pre-made template combined with hosting and build a recurring revenue stream.
Sell TemplatesYou can sell template by sharing a link or by uploading it to store.

Account Features

TeamsCreate your own team that can collaborate on your ongoing WordPress projects.
Team MembersThe number of team members you can add as admins (can view all sites) or members (can view their own sites).
Git OperationsThe number of Git actions or commits allowed for a user account or team per month.
Run CommandsUse commands from the InstaWP command library or create your own commands to execute them for bulk operations via CLI.
API Quota LimitThe number of API requests allowed per user/team.
Vulnerability ScannerWarns you of any known security vulnerabilities or issues on your website.

For more information. View Pricing here. If you are not logged in, use this link to view pricing.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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