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How can you Host a Multilingual (ML) Site with InstaWP?

The internet connects us globally, but language differences get in the way of communication. WordPress multilingual Hosting websites can help overcome this. InstaWP allows you to host a multilingual site that translates your content; managing different languages, and ensuring a smooth experience for visitors is easy.

It simplifies hosting multilingual sites, facilitating content translation and ensuring visitors have a seamless experience on domains such as .en (English), .de(German), and .es(Spanish).

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to host a multilingual (ML) site with InstaWP.

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Note: The map domain feature is available in paid plans only. View Pricing here. If you are not logged in, use this link to view pricing.

Step 1: Setting up a Domain name

Add a new domain name using a web hosting service to your existing WordPress site. For example, you can use the ( domain name or ( subdomain name for German users. This is the domain you want to show whenever a customer accesses the German translation of your site.

Step 2: Create an A-type record

Go to the domain register panel (such as Namecheap or Cloudflare) and create an A-type record to map the subdomain of your site.

Note: Each DNS record only allows one IP address. To add a second IP, create a new record and enter the same domain name again along with the new IP address.

Step 3: Installing Multilingual Plugin

From the WP admin panel, install and activate the Multilingual plugin and set up a different domain per language. There are two core plugins that let you build complete multilingual sites and translate them conveniently.

Step 4: Configure the WPML Plugin

After installing the WPML plugin, configure it by selecting the default language on your site and the languages in which you want to translate the website.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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