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InstaWP allows you to access and analyze live site statistics through the Live Dashboard. It covers how to view metrics such as space used (MB), CPU cores that enable multitasking; the latest WordPress and PHP versions, and ensuring efficient performance via optimized database and edge cache management. Learn to utilize analytical tools provided by InstaWP Live to gain insights into user behavior and overall performance.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to view the Live-hosted site dashboard.

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Go to the Hosting page and locate the live site to view its dashboard.

Here, you can view your InstaWP Live: hosted website’s space, CPU cores, and Visitors count with basic information such as PHP, WordPress version, or database size.

Note: The user can also change their PHP and WordPress versions on their InstaWP Live Hosted Site.

You can also use the Edge Caching feature that saves your page cache (which is only stored in your site's server center) to any of the operated data centers worldwide such as:

→Dallas, San Jose, Ashburn, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, New York (US).
→Toronto (CA)
→Sao Paolo (BR)
→London (UK)
→Vienna, Sydney (AU)
→Hong Kong (CHN)
→Stockholm (SE)
→Madrid (ESP)
→Paris (FR)
→Frankfurt (GER)
→Johannesburg (SA)
→Osaka (JP)
→Mumbai (IN).

Note: When visitors load your website in their browser, cached replies are provided from their closest location.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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