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Add SFTP/SSH user

InstaWP allows you how to add and manage SFTP/SSH users for secure live site access. SSH ensures a secure connection for remote login, while SFTP provides a safe file transfer method, enabling site filesystem access and command execution on InstaWP.

In this documentation, we will explore steps to add an SFTP/SSH user for a Live-hosted site.

Let’s get started 🚀

Go to the Hosting page and locate the live site that you want to add an SFTP/SSH user.

Here, you can create a new SFTP/SSH user and utilize the following two types of connection to establish a single sign-on for your live website without any login credentials of that user.

SSH Key Pair

SSH Key Pair

To use an SSH Key pair as a connection type, paste the SSH Public key that you generated while adding a new deployment of private repository type. For more information, refer to the Add Deployment document.


To use a password as a connection type for adding a new SSH/SFTP user, enter the username and password.

After choosing a connection type, click on the Add User button to save it. This will allow you to access the website without any login credentials of the added user.

Now that your public key has been connected to the live site, you may copy the SSH command and paste it into your terminal to get a password-less login.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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