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Add a Mailchimp Integration

InstaWP allows you to add a Mailchimp integration which is an email marketing platform that sends newsletters and automated emails to grow your business results. It lets you connect with your customers, engage with them and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

In this documentation, we will explore the steps to:

Add a New Mailchimp
Link to Template

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Add a New Mailchimp

Go to the Integrations page. For more information, you can refer to the Overview: Integration document.

A new modal window will appear, requesting you to enter the values in the following fields for Mailchimp configuration.

AliasTo provide a name for this integration.
Api Public keyKeys provide access to your Mailchimp account.
Mailchimp List IdIt is a unique audience ID that integrations, plugins, and widgets may require to connect and transfer subscriber data.
Tags (Comma Separated)Labels you create to help organize your contacts.
VisibiltyIntegration is visible for the followings: All team members or Admin only

Go to your Maichimp account to:
Access the Api key, go to your Mailchimp Settings page > Extras > API Keys.
Find your Mailchimp list Id (Audience ID), you can refer to this link.
Optionally you can add Tags to your Mailchimp account.

After entering the values, update the Mailchimp configuration.

Now your Mailchimp integration is ready to be used.

InstaWP allows you to link a Shared Template with Mailchimp so that any emails collected when a new site is created using the shared template link will automatically sync with Mailchimp.

Go to the shared template Integrations option and locate the Connect Email Provider option. For more information, you can refer to the Edit: Sharing Options document.

💡 Did you know - You can send credentials to user's Email address or input the reply that you want to give to the user's email as an automated demo confirmation emails. Learn about shared template advance options.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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