You can put a paywall infront of shared templates and start to monetize them in 1-click

First register yourself as a seller to start selling templates.

Beta Access

This feature is under private "beta" feature.

To activate, go to your profile and toggle Beta Program.

Seller Registration

Follow the steps in this page to create yourself a seller account -


Then, create a template and mark it shared. View Docs

Next, monetize the template:

Note: As of now we only support one time payments, but soon you will be able to charge users for subscription and connect them to a hosting plan (we are calling that as WaaS).

Once you have added a pricing, copy the Shared link and send it to your users, they will see a screen like this:

Final Preview


Note: We have used branding feature (pro plan+) to add Gallery on the left side.


  • How will users migrate their site after they purchase and how long can they keep accessing the site on InstaWP servers?

Users can keep their access as per your settings in "Advance option" of the template. You can bundle a free migration plugin like Duplicator or Migrate Guru for them to migrate away or export a .zip. We will soon be providing this option by default using our plugin.

  • Can I connect a hosting plan with this offering?

Soon, you will be able to connect your hosting or ask the users to connect their hosting to provide them a true "all-in-one" solution, instead of just a temp site.

  • What about premium plugins or themes?

For now, you can either get an agency / developer / re-seller license or keep the license key as empty for the user to buy a license. Soon, we will have option to integrate with popular plugin builders to auto provision license keys for every user.

  • Can I use our domain?

Yes this feature is already live, it is called as Whitelabel / Suffix Domain feature. More about this here.

  • What does InstaWP take for commission?

InstaWP takes 10% (including pg gateway charges) - if you sell it with a shared link
InstaWP takes 20% (including pg gateway charges) - when it is sold from the InstaWP template store (soon to be launched).