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Staging Site Error Pages

An InstaWP staging site error occurs when there are problems with the staging environment, which is used to test changes before they go live. This could be the result of problematic code or malfunctioning components. Addressing these errors is crucial to ensure a successful deployment to the live server.

In this documentation, we will explore why the following errors can occur:

Internal Server Error
Suspended Error
Too Many Redirects

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Internal Server Error


Internal Server Error (500) is a common WordPress error. It indicates that the website you are attempting to access has failed to respond and is unable to provide a specific error code. This error is most commonly caused by the following issues:

Plugin Related IssueIncompatible and outdated plugins can lead to 500 errors or issues like slow loading.View logs or deactivate the incompatible plugins.
PHP or Custom CodeAn error in the PHP code causes the plugin to not work properly or part of the site to stop working. Similarly, improperly adding custom code to your site can cause errors on the site.View logs and debug the PHP code or custom code added to identify and fix any errors.
MemoryIt happens when a WordPress website is out of memory. This can happen due to a lot of media content, plugins, and traffic.Increase the memory limit to your desired value.
TimeoutThis error is because of the server that is struggling to load the site.Increase the PHP timeout limit.

Suspended Error

All staging websites on InstaWP are by default a temporary website that expires after a certain number of days as per your plan. You can change this behavior by marking the website as “Reserved”. You can also change the behavior of the website being temporary by default by editing the Configuration.

A suspension error on an InstaWP Staging website occurs when the website has been temporarily suspended. This error can happen, because of not paying for the service (or using the free plan), or not marking the Staging site as reserved.

Solution: Upgrade the plan and restore the site or mark it reserved so that it doesn’t expire. For more information, refer to this doc.

Restore the website by clicking on the Restore button - this will require you to upgrade to any paid plan. You can mark the website as “Reserved” which is again a paid feature so that it doesn’t expire.

Too Many Redirects

The ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error is pretty much what it sounds like something is causing too many redirects, sending your website into an infinite redirection loop.

This means your browser is trying to visit one URL, which points to another URL, and then back to the first URL, causing an endless loop that eventually leads to the "too many redirects" error.

Solution: Try clearing cookies on the specific website causing the redirect loop. If it doesn’t work, try clearing your whole browser cache.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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