Create New Template

When you create a new template, we basically save the current files and database snapshot of an active site, so when you create a site off of the template later, you will have the exact same site.

To create a template, open the site dropdown and select "Save as Template".

save as template

Enter the template name and a description for you to remember it by.

template name

  • Template Name - Name of the template
  • Template Description - Description of the template
  • Template Type - Private or Shared.
    + Private Template - can be used by you or your team.
    + Shared Template - can be shared online with a URL
  • Instant Template - When you create a new site off of the template, it takes about 4-5 secs of time, when this option is selected we instantly launch a new site using our secret InstaWP magic.

Hit Save. Navigate to the "Templates" screen and you will see your template being created.

templates screen

:::info Takes about 4-5 secs

Based on the size of your site, it may take from 1-2 sec to 4-5 secs for the template to be in the ready state.