Whitelabel / Suffix Domain

New sites can be created with a *.yourcompany.com domain using this feature.



This feature is only available as an addon and not included in any pricing plans (listed on http://instawp.com/pricing).

To enable this feature, go to your team settings:

Next, scroll down and you will notice "Enable Whitelabel". Toggle it to see a text box, enter the subdomain.



You can enter subdomain.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com, it is upto you. Just make sure you have the permission to create NS records for the subdomain or the main domain. Note: If you use the main domain, you won't be able to use it for any other purpose.

Hit Save. You will now see 4 NS records to be created.

In your domain registrar panel, create these NS records and wait for 5 mins

Come back to InstaWP team settings page and hit "Verify" and wait for 2-3 mins and refresh the page.

If you don't see "Verified" badge, wait for 2-3 mins and hit on "Verify" again.

Existing sites & templates

If you have sites and/or templates which were created before adding a suffix domain to the team. Follow these steps.


  1. Go to Sites > .. menu > Suffix Domain
  2. Switch to the new Suffix Domain you just activated.


  1. Save the Site as Template again and override the same template (or create new).
  2. Newly saved template will now emit sites with suffix domain you just added.