View Logs

In this tab you can view various logs from an InstaWP site.

To view logs follow the steps outlined.

  • Error Logs allows you to see the PHP/Apache related error logs for the site.
  • Access Logs shows you the live hits to your website with IP address, URL, HTTP status code etc.
  • Command Logs shows logs related to running Commands or Git Deployments.
  • Debug Logs If you have switched on WP_DEBUG mode, the logs from debug.log file will be visible in this tab.

Open Logs

To view logs for a site, click on the "View Logs" icons, as shown below:

You will see two tabs in a popup, one for error_log and another for access_log.

view logs window


Tip: Use Search Function

You can easily find a string within the log files using the the built-in search functionality

Log Viewer

Inside this Log Viewer popup, you can do:

  • Search - search through the logs for the last 100 lines of your logs.
  • Wrap - Wrap around so that you don't need to scroll horizontally.
  • Refresh - Fetch live logs from the server for your site.