Versions (snapshots)

Keep track of the progress of your website's work using the Versions feature, allowing you to revert back to a previous version if any issues arise.

This ensures that you can quickly recover from any unexpected problems, making it easier to keep your site running smoothly.


Pro feature

This is a paid feature available on pro plan and above!

Saving a version

To save a new version (snapshot) of your site, click on the "..." menu and open "Versions" options, a sidebar should appear, click on Save new version.

Adding label

Once a version is saved, you can tag it using a label with some info to remember it by.

Restoring a version

If something goes wrong or for some reason you want to switch back to an older version of the site, you can do that using the Restore button.


Downloading Files & Database

The version feature allows you to download a snapshot of your website, including both the file and database, for a variety of purposes. This includes local troubleshooting, restoring on a remote machine, or keeping for future reference.