Using Templates

Once the template has been created, you can create new sites from it, in couple of different ways.

From the Sites screen

Click on "Add Site" button and switch to "From Templates" tab.

from templates

Here, you will find a list of templates created by you or your team, select a template you want to create a new site as a base.

:::info What is a template, exactly?

A template consitutes of two things - backup of all files and database export of a site.


From the Templates screen

In this list of templates, click on the "+" button on the template row you are interested to create a new site from.

template plus button

It will then ask you a name of the site, and proceeds to create a new site.

templates new plus

:::tip Templates + Git integration

If you are looking for Git integration with templates, then navigate to the Deployments section to understand the link between the two.