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It is possible to enable SSH or SFTP access for a site. Before proceeding add a SSH public key to your profile by navigating to your profile.

Pro Feature

Accessing FTP & SSH is a pro feature.

Adding a key

Copy your ssh key from ~/.ssh/ file from your local machine.


If you don't have a ssh key, you can generate one. To learn more about it, check this guide from Oracle or this one for Windows machines (using putty).

ssh key copy

Navigate to your profile and paste this key.

ssh key paste

Enable SFTP

Once your key is setup in the profile, you can enable FTP and SSH depending on which plan you are on.

To enable SFTP access, open the "Access FTP/SSH" dropdown for the site.

menu sftp/ssh

Then toggle, the FTP settings and you will see a username and IP address to connect.

enable ftp

Copy all the details and open FileZilla (or any other FTP client).

file zilla settings

Enable SSH

Enabling SSH access is very similar to FTP, in the same modal box, go to SSH tab and enable SSH.

enable ssh

You will see the same username and IP address (as you did in the FTP step). Copy these details and open your SSH terminal.

Enter the following command to connect via SSH

ssh username@IP

ssh terminal