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Mapping a Domain

By default a site created on InstaWP has a * subdomain. In paid plans, its possible to map a custom domain to any site. This is particularly useful if you want to showcase a site to a client.

To map a domain, open the Map Domain option from the site dropdown.


Entering Domain

Before using this feature, you should already have access to DNS settings of a domain you own or manage. In this example, we are going to point to an InstaWP site.

Enter the domain into the modal box as shown:


  1. Enter the domain name into the box
  2. Copy the IP Address

Map www as well

Tick this box to map the www version of the site too. (You will need to create two A records for this work).

Redirect www to Root

Tick this box if you want to auto redirect the www version to the main domain.

Create an A record

Copy the IP address and create an A record in your domain provider's control panel. In this example, we are using namecheap.


Background processing

InstaWP automatically verifies the domain's A record(s) and issues a free SSL certificate. It may take from few minutes to few hours, depending on the DNS propogation time.