Site Tools

Once the site is built and listed on your "Sites" screen. You can manipulate the site using various in-built tools.

PHP config

You can change PHP version and PHP runtime variables using "PHP Config" modal:

You will see the following modal box, which will help you change PHP values:


Please wait for 10-15 seconds after making changes

Database Editor

We bundle "Adminer" sql management script with each InstaWP site for quick and easy database editing experience. To access the editor, click on three dotted menu to access Tools:

A new tab should open with the Database editor:

db editor adminer

To learn more about Adminer, watch this video.


Sharing access to the database

If you wish to share access to the database to a colleague or a friend, here is a quick video tip.

Code Editor

Similar to the Database Editor, Code Editor is also a click away. It supports multi-tab editing experience right off the bat.

It will open a fully-featured code editor in a new tab.

code editor window