Shared Templates

a.k.a WordPress Sandbox or Demo Builder

When you create a new template, InstaWP asks you a "template type". You can either select "Private" or "Public" for this property.

  • Private - This type of templates can be used by you or your team in order to create new sites from a saved snapshot a.k.a template.
  • Shared - This type of template can be shared with any one on the internet, and anyone can create a new site based off of your template.

Template Type

While creating a new template mark the template as "Shared" as shown below:

shared template

Then, you will see the new template created under the "Shared" tab in the templates screen.

Shared Template Options

For shared templates, you get a ton of options to customize the look, feel and behavious of the template landing page.

Template Landing Page - this page is shown to users with whom you have shared your template link. This link is accessible to anyone on the internet.

A shared template looks like this:

shared template landing

Step 1

  • Template Name is shown on the top
  • Description is shown next
  • User can subscribed to the newsletter
  • User must check the privacy policy.

Step 2

  • User will be provided with site URL, username and password.
  • User can auto login to the wp-admin panel.

To know more about the template options, read Template Options.