Reserve Site

Never let a site expire

By default, any sites created on InstaWP has an "expiry time", meaning the site will be expired and deleted after a set period of time (depending on your plan).

PlanExpiry Time
Guest user2 hours
Free Plan48 hours
Personal Plan7 days
Professional Plan7 days
Agency Plan15 days
Enterprise PlanCustomize

Site Deletion

When a site is expired, we put it in a "expired" state and do not delete it right away. We provide you a 7 day period to "restore" a site before its completely wiped off from our servers.

To restore a site click on "Restore".

restore site

:::info Limits on restore

Free accounts have a restore limit of 3 times per month, resetting every month end. Upgrade your plan to increase this limit.


Reserving a Site

You can mark a site as reserved so that it does not expire and it stays in your account forever (unless manually deleted or marked as un-reserved).

To reserve a site, there are two ways.

1. Reserve in the new site dialog

reserve site site modal

2. Reserve after a site is created

reserve site dropdown