Migrating to new server

We used a 3rd party server when we started our service. Now we have migrated to a new infrastructure completely built by our team from the ground up.

However there are still some sites which are on the "legacy" infrastructure. You will see this sign in your account in front of those sites!


To migrate to the new server you can either click on the exclamation sign or click on Clone. You will get an email once the site has been cloned. Verify the site is working fine and then delete the legacy site.


Domain Mapping

If you have mapped a domain to a legacy site, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the domain mapping (Sites > ... menu > Remove Map Domain)
  2. Delete the A record in your DNS settings (in your registrar dashboard).
  3. Clone the site
  4. In the newly created site, click on Map Domain again (Sites > ... menu > Map Domain)
  5. Type the domain name again, and create a CNAME record this time.



If you are still using templates created from legacy sites, you have two options:

If parent site exists - then follow steps listed in the "Sites" section above and then click on Save as Template in the newly created site and select "Overwrite Template".

After this step, your template is now shifted to the "new" infrastructure.

If the parent site is deleted - no action required.