To add a mailchimp Integration, follow these steps:

1. Find your Audience ID

To configure mailchimp integration you must find out your audience ID using this article's help -

2. API Key

Copy the API key from your Settings page > Extras > API Keys.

3. Tags

Optionally you can add Tags to your mailchimp account and use it in the next step for integration.

4. Add New Integration

Now navigate to InstaWP and Add New Integration and paste your API key and Audience ID into the modal box and provide an alias for this integration. (You can input your Tags here as well).

5. Linking to Template

Now your Mailchimp integration is ready to be used. One key integration with Mailchimp is with Shared Templates. You can link a Shared Template with Mailchimp, so that any emails collected when a new site is created using the shared template link will automatically synced with Mailchimp.

Edit your template using the pencil icon and open the last tab (Advanced Options). You can now select your integration here.