A configuration allows you to set a list of "pre-set" config values when you are creating a new site.

Every InstaWP account comes with a "default" configurations, which is accessible in the Configurations menu.

config screen


Templates vs Configurations

Templates are a snapshot of a site - it is a full blown WordPress site with content, plugins, themes, settings etc.

Configurations on the other hand, is a set of pre-configured PHP and WordPress values, for example a list of pre-installed plugins and themes. Both serve different purpose.


You can select a default WP and PHP version here, this will auto select the values in the "create site" modal box.

gif wp php selector


You can change PHP values from this screen which will be used to launch a new site.

php screen


You can pre-set WordPress related settings in this screen.

wordpress configuration

wp-config values

  • WP_DEBUG - Enable WordPress debug mode.
  • AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED - Disables any kind of auto update.
  • WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE - Just disables core updates.

Multi-site Installation

Toggle this option to auto install Multi site (directory based).

Pre install Plugins

You can supply a list of plugin slugs from

Pre install Themes

In the same way, you could pre-install theme slugs from

Install plugin or theme from a URL.

In addition to slugs we also support direct URL (.zip). We will then download the archive and activate the plugin or theme for you.

plugin/theme slugs


Using Faker you can pre-populate your WordPress instance with random data. This is particularly useful when your testing requirements need some content already created inside WordPress.

To use the Faker feature, you just need to switch ON "Core Faker" and provide inputs to the fields as shown below:

  • Core Faker - Enable this to create fake content
  • Posts - Number of posts.
  • Pages - Number of pages.
  • Tags/Categories
  • Attachments - Number of media files.
  • Authors - Number of users.
  • Attachment Keyword - Faker will use this to create media files using this keyword as a guide.
Generated content will look like this

Generated content will look like this

WooCommerce (WC) Generator

Under the Faker tab you will find WooCommerce Generator by scrolling down. Using this generator you can generate products, orders, coupons, customers etc inside WordPress site with WooCommerce installed (we will auto install WooCommerce if not available already).