Export / Migrate

InstaWP sites can be exported to use in your local system or to a hosting provider.

Export to LocalWP

If you are using LocalWP, exporting a site is as simple as a click. Open the Site dropdown and click on Export -> LocalWP.

export to localwp

You will recieve an email after few minutes (depending on the size of your website) with a link to download the zip file.

localwp email

You can then drag and drop this zip to LocalWP interface, something like this:

localwp import

Migrate to any Hosting Provider

To migrate to any hosting provider of your choice, open the site dropdown and click Migrate.

Migrate Option

This will open up a list of hosting providers you can migrate to. Select a hosting provider and enter details.

hosting provider list

Make sure your target website is already created with a default WordPress installation, then enter the details of your target website. For example:

sftp details

  • Site URL - URL of the website you have already created on the target host.
  • SFTP Host - Domain or IP address of the Server.
  • SFTP Username - Username of the target SFTP.
  • SFTP Password - Password of the target SFTP.

Then click on Migrate and wait for the process to complete.

:::warning Be careful

Target website on your hosting provider (as per the provided details), will be overwritten by the InstaWP site.