Create Site

Creating a new WordPress is really easy with InstaWP. In this document, you will learn about how to create a site as a registered user. For guest users, refer to the Getting Started guide.

Create New Site

To create a site, click on "Add New" button.

new site modal box

You will notice various options while creating the site, like:

1. WordPress Version

Choose from the stable, old or beta/RC releases. You can also choose the nightly release which will automatically pull the latest nightly version.

wordpress version

2. PHP Version

Choose from 7.x to 8.x PHP version, depending on your current use case.

php version dropdown

3. Configuration

You can create "presets" of configurations and choose a particular config to automatically set PHP values and WordPress options. With configurations, you can provide a list of plugin slugs, theme slugs and remote URL too.

Go to [Configurations] to know more about it.

4. Custom Name

By default, InstaWP chooses a random name for your site, but you can provide a meaningful name to it.

5. Temporary or Reserved

By default, a site has a limited life time on InstaWP. You can select "Reserved" tab which will mark the site as reserved and will not let it expire at any point.

Accessing WP Admin Panel

Once the site is created, you can access the wp-admin admin panel in following ways.

Access Now or Key Icon

Click on the Access now button to automatically login to the backend, but since this alert message is temporary you can also click the "key" icon in the sites table.

access now

Manual Login

You can also do a manual login via the credentials and URL provided at the time of site creation or access it later via the dropdown menu.

manual login