Change User Role in Product Sandbox

Often times you want the user to be a subscriber or change the default user of a sandbox site, here is how do you it:

This guide assumes that you have followed Setup Product Demos guide and created a sandbox already.

InstaWP uses the parent site's default username as the auto login user. Verify default username of the parent site via Sites > ... menu > View Creds.

This username "gehepikimu8904" is going to be our default user using which users of your sandbox site will be auto loggedin.

Next, change the role of this user to subscriber or limit access using User Role plugins. Keep in mind that you may need to add a new admin user so that you can access your parent site at a later point in time.


Changing the username

Alternatively, you may also add a new user in WordPress site with a new username + role and edit the information in InstaWP (use the pencil icon in the same screen shown above).