Getting Started with InstaWP

This page will help you get started with InstaWP. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Getting Started

Getting started with InstaWP is really easy. You should be able to create a new WordPress site without creating an account.

Creating a WordPress Site

Navigate to to get started.

Step 1

Choose a WordPress version, PHP version, preset Configurations and provide a name of your WordPress site.

getting started instawp

Click on "Launch Your Website" to get an instant WordPress website based on the parameters you have chosen.

launched site


Site Limits

As a guest user, InstaWP allows you to create upto 3 sites at a time, every site will expire after 2 hours of usage.


Faster Launch

Keep all parameters as default for an instant launch of new WordPress site!

Step 2

In the screen above, take a note of your Site URL, username and password, these are details of the newly created WordPress site.

Create an Account

Although you can get started following the steps above, creating a free account gives you several advantages

  • Site limit is increased to 3 sites.
  • Site expires after 48 hours (instead of 2 hours).
  • Access to tools like Code Editor, Database Editor, Log Viewer etc.
  • Dashboard access, See a list of active sites.
  • Unlock features like Configurations, Deployments, Templates etc.

To create a FREE account, enter your email id after you have created a site as a guest (this will copy over the site to your newly created site).

launch site email id

Or, you can go directly to user registration and create an account.

In both cases, you will be asked for email verification, please open your email account and verify the email address.


Once your account is verified you will see a Dashboard. You will also be able to see the site created during onboarding process.

dashboard instawp